July to December 2020 daily digital travel & lifestyle planner, finally, an eco-friendly fun planning option has arrived!

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Digital Travel Planner & Journal

There are 6 wonderful months left in 2020 so let’s get organised, make the most of this year and dream up some new adventures!

*Please note that to use this digital planner you will need an ipad/tablet and I pencil or similar and an app such as GoodNotes or Noteshelf.


If you’re new to digital planning, welcome, you’re in for a treat:
  • Digital planners are portable — no more heavy, bulky paper planners weighting your bag down
  • Eco-friendly no paper option
  • Re-use your planner by duplicating and copying pages
  • Sync your digital planner with your iphone
  • Digital planners are cheaper in the long run
  • Using the pen feels like writing on paper (this is the part I didn’t want to give up from paper planners)
  • They’re so much fun; import photos, start scrap booking, brain storm travel plans, make your pages beautiful with digital stickers, the options are endless!


What Will I Get When I Buy The Planner?
  • You’ll get immediate access to the planner in Hyperlinked PDF format which you can open right away in your GoodNotes or Noteshelp app


What Pages are in the planner?
  • 124 pages of planning goodness!
  • Year and monthly divider pages
  • Yearly calendar at a glance
  • Monthly calendar at a glance
  • Travel inspiration planner page
  • Lifestyle goals planner page
  • Travel mind map/brainstorming planner page
  • Monthly index page  x 6
  • Monthly overview page x 6
  • Monthly goals page x 6
  • Weekly planner page x 30
  • Notes page x 30
  • Trip budget page
  • Travel checklist page
  • Packing planner page
  • Outfit planner page
  • Books to read page
  • Recipe journal page
  • Travel & photo journal pages x 3
  • #1000MileVegChalleneg mileage3 tracker pages x 3


Can I Duplicate Pages To Use Them More Than Once?
  • Yes! This is the beauty of digital planners, you can duplicate any of the pages in this planner to use over and over again.


Ready to Get Organised and bring some new ideas and dreams to life this year? Let’s SMASH the second half of this year together!



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