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Are you ready to hit the trails this summer and feel great, let’s get volcano hiking fit together!

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How To Get Fit For Hiking 4 Week Program

With Emma Fry, Owner Of Vegan Adventure Holidays And Qualified Health Coach And Featured Expert Adam Stansbury AKA The Plant Powered P.T.


Get your body and mind volcano hiking ready with this 4-week program, no need for gyms, no complicated equipment, no excuses!

This is a self study program with a fun and supportive members only Facebook group where you can get your questions answered in real time and share your adventures with the group.

You’ll get instant access to the PDF and video lessons with this program so you can get started right away.

Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks; amazing views, fresh air and the calming sounds and smells of nature.


What Other Health Benefits Will I Get From Hiking?
  • Hiking is known to boost your mood
  • You’ll build strength in your glutes, hamstrings and strengthen your core
  • Hiking can help control weight
  • You’ll get a powerful cardio workout
  • Hiking will also give you a brilliant excuse to buy vegan picnic food!


What Will I Be Doing?
  • Setting some adventurous hiking goals!
  • 3 body weight 25 minute HIIT workouts each week
  • 3 hike days each week


What Are The Health & Fitness Outcomes Of This Program?
  • You’ll increase strength in major muscles that hikers rely upon. Stronger legs and core muscles will better support the weight in your backpack and give you the ability to hike harder and longer
  • You’ll build endurance in the same muscle groups as well as shoulders and lower back
  • When you hit the trails you’ll not only feel confident in your ability to hike all day but competent which makes for an all over more enjoyable experience, the trails are calling your name!


Who Would Benefit From This Program?
  • Anyone who would like to hit the trails this summer and  feel fit and confident to take on those hills, valleys and mountains!
  • Anyone looking to train for a specific hike or fitness event
  • Anyone interested in improving their overall fitness


Ready to Get Volcano Hiking Fit? Let’s Do This!


  1. (verified owner)

    I was a part of the beta test group for the “How To Get Fit For Hiking 4 Week Program.” I chose to do the program because I needed to get back into a more regular schedule with my workouts, and this program sounded like a fun way to do it. Adding in the accountability factor with the Facebook group, it was a no brainer! The workouts were approachable, but definitely challenging. There is no room to be bored with the variety of exercises that are included. They also make the time go quick! The scheduled hikes were made more difficult due to the state of quarantine, making the focus on getting movement in however I could. I was able to get in some actual hikes towards the end of the program, which put me in my happy place. Finally, Emma was a delightful leader – always quick with a response, a helpful comment, support, and getting us to continue looking forward to what we want our next challenge to be. I highly recommend this program, it will definitely help you to get fit for hiking, while having fun along the way!
    Dawn Anderson

  2. (verified owner)

    I joined the get fit for hiking program because I want to get out and explore more of the forest and mountains around where I live. I loved that the workouts were simple, but challenging, and you could work to improve each week. I could definitely feel myself getting stronger. The Facebook group was great, and it was really encouraging to be able to chat with fellow hikers all over the world. Emma is really encouraging, and I can’t wait to join one of her hikes in person!

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